How to brush your dog’s teeth

BrushingDogTeethWe know great oral care of our teeth and gums helps us prevent cavities and gum disease, but did you know dedicated brushing of your dog’s teeth also helps prevent him from developing tooth abscesses, oral infections and canine periodontal disease? Check out our tips for brushing your dog’s teeth below!

Article Disclaimer: This tutorial assumes you have handled your dog’s muzzle/mouth and/or have brushed his/her teeth before, and that he/she is used to the sensations of your hands in his/her mouth. Brushing your dog’s teeth is a good bonding opportunity and trust exercise you should practice with your dog, BUT never rush the experience.

Tools you need to brush your dog’s teeth:

  • Dog toothbrush or gauze
  • Dog toothpaste – there are lots of flavors, choose one that your dog loves most!
  • Treats
  • Patience

How to brush your dog’s teeth

1. Take your dog someplace quiet. Try to minimize noise and distractions for your dog. It will help the process go much smoother if both you and Fido are focused and calm.

2. Place a small amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush or gauze.

3. Carefully lift the top of the lips on your dog’s muzzle and expose his teeth. His jaws can stay closed if this makes him more comfortable.

4. While his teeth are exposed in your one hand, take your other hand and gently brush/rub the exterior parts of his teeth and gums with the toothbrush or gauze for approximately 2-5 seconds. Release. Give your pooch a treat and pat yourself on the back!Muzzle

5. Repeat 2-3 times daily in small intervals for a week or two, gradually increasing the amount of time to 1-2 minutes daily.

6. Following the same technique as above, gradually begin to open your dog’s jaws to access his inner gum-line and tops of teeth.

You should aim to brush your dog’s teeth up to 5 minutes daily if possible!

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