Why does my cat vomit so much?

Sick KittyYou’ve probably seen – and heard – it before. The awful hacking sounds of a vomiting cat. And while a vomiting cat is not necessarily “normal,” cats do have sensitive tummies and this behavior is relatively common. But aside from the occasional hairball or a bad meal, your cat’s vomiting frequency should be minimized. However, here are some common vomiting causes and signs to watch out for:

Your cat eats too fast.

Many cats vomit for meal-related reasons, including meal size, playing too soon after eating, or consuming a meal to quickly. This is especially common in multi-cat households. Sometimes cats feel threatened by their feline housemates and consume food quickly, sucking in a lot of air in the process, which results in meal regurgitation. To combat this, we recommend feeding cats separately from each other in quite, safe places.

Your cat can’t tolerate or is allergic to his food

It is possible that your cat’s food contains ingredients that disagree with him, or that your cat has food allergies. Many cats are allergic to milk, beef, eggs and wheat products – which are common ingredients in commercial kibble. Try a poultry or fish-based meal instead; however, always make sure you introduce new foods gradually!

Your cat has a serious medical condition
If your cat vomits more than once a day, this could be indicative of a more serious medical issue. Some other factors that cause excessive vomiting are gastrointestinal problems, ingested poisons, intestinal parasites and tumors.

Most reasons your cat vomits are typically food-related, so if it seems to occur after mealtime, try switching your cat’s food or feed him in a quite space. If your cat vomits much more frequently, he needs to be seen by your veterinarian right away!

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