“Turkey Day” Foods You Can Share With Your Pets!

ThanksgivingIt seems as though summer just ended and now, here we are – just a few weeks away from kicking off the holiday season! And that means family gatherings, lots of baked goods and reluctantly expanding waistlines. And because our pets are part of our family, we can’t help but want to share our goodies with them! However, there are some holiday foods pets cannot eat that should never make their way to pet bowls!

Generally, many whole foods that we eat, our pets can have also; however, there are some foods that pets should never eat. For dogs, “no-no foods” include onions, leeks, garlic, scallions, avocados, alcohol, chocolate, candy and gum, raisins and grapes, and all foods that are made with these ingredients – such as stuffing, cookies and dips.

Great holiday foods to share with your pets!
Fresh, unsalted and unbuttered vegetables like green beans, carrots, mashed potatoes, and squashes (unless they’re made with heavy dairy products including milk, butter, cheese and sour cream – then skip them) are healthy human foods for dogs, or cats, if they choose to eat them.

Lean turkey trimmings – no gravy please! – are a great treat for your cat. Don’t give your pets meats that contains bones, though – they’re brittle once cooked and can damage your pet’s stomach throat or digestive track.

Pet Desserts
If your dog stalks you during dessert time, (whose doesn’t?) give him a small, plain portion of your bread or roll. Or try a fresh plate of fruit – NO grapes/raisins or any fruits with pits, though – these foods are toxic to dogs. If your pooch really wants a sweet treat, try this simple peanut butter dog cookie recipe instead.

When it comes to desserts for your cat – it’s best to skip it. Cats don’t have the appropriate taste buds to detect “sweets,” so really, it just adds to their waistlines!

Do you have any favorite holiday foods you give to your pets or have a great holiday treat recipe you’d like to share? Please let us know below!

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