Why Does My Pet Eat Other Animal Poop?

Question MarkAs pet owners, we’re always surprised by their personalities, habits and strange behaviors. But perhaps the most odd on our “Why do you DO that?” list is our pets’ habits of eating other animal poop. Yep – you can think AND say it: “Ewww.” But despite its “That’s so gross!” factor, there are reasons pets eat animal poop! Continue reading

Things to Consider Before Adopting a Pet

With the holidays approaching and people looking for the “perfect gifts” for their friends and family members, it’s not uncommon for pets to become new additions to households. And why wouldn’t they? Pets give us unconditional love, loyalty and companionship that few humans can measure up too. So in the spirit of perfect gifts, here are some very important things to consider before you adopt or purchase a pet for you, or as a gift for someone else. Continue reading

Why You Should Vaccinate Your Dog for the Dog Flu

DogFluJust like their humans, dogs are susceptible to foreign contaminants, bacterial infections and viruses. And with increased travel, more viruses than ever are making their way into both human – and canine – bodies.

In addition to multiple strains of Kennel Cough, the Canine Influenza virus, or “Dog Flu,” is popping up all over the place and has been diagnosed in dogs in more than 30 states since 2003. Unfortunately, because the H3N8 Dog Flu is a relatively “new” virus, dogs haven’t yet developed the ability to build antibodies and immunity. Continue reading

How to Clean Up Pet Urine Stains from Carpets and Upholstery

DevilDogCleaningOne of the biggest hassles of owning a pet are occasional accidents that require cleanup of pet urine stains from carpets and furniture. While it’s frustrating to experience, there are cleanup options. This post offers tips for both dried and new stains. Continue reading

“Turkey Day” Foods You Can Share With Your Pets!

ThanksgivingIt seems as though summer just ended and now, here we are – just a few weeks away from kicking off the holiday season! And that means family gatherings, lots of baked goods and reluctantly expanding waistlines. And because our pets are part of our family, we can’t help but want to share our goodies with them! However, there are some holiday foods pets cannot eat that should never make their way to pet bowls! Continue reading